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As you know: Children inspire us - in the coming weeks even more directly than ever and perhaps unexpectedly in the background of our telephone calls. Nevertheless, the inspiration for us remains the same: To see the world through different eyes. To take things as they come, to make the best of them and to react to them flexibly and with joy.

Instead of burying our heads in the sand, we say: Challenge accepted!

This is what binds us together as a team and in the cooperation with our customers. Courageously treading new paths together unites us - whether it be working virtually in a team or switching to online coaching. So, for us it means: Fail fast - grow fast!

Of course, we also have bad moments as well as personal and business worries. That is normal. Just as fear is normal. We think it is important in these times to show that everyone is confronted with problems and is vulnerable. For example, in our Daily Team Meeting we start the day with an emo check-in, share nice and stressful moments in the team and show understanding for each other. This increases trust and motivates.

In these times, your employees and perhaps you yourself need orientation and exchange with experienced partners more than ever before in order to be able to make courageous and at the same time wise groundbreaking decisions. For some people it may be an unusual way to think of personal exchange virtually now - we have been making positive experiences in online support for years and use reliable online tools. We initiate online team and innovation meetings and are at your side in crisis and emergency situations to help you make good decisions without getting excited. Personally, as usual!

We often hear from our customers: "That's right... I would have discussed this with you BEFORE. The coming weeks will bring many challenges - personal, human, organizational. As Executive Companion, I and my team will be at your side - always when it counts!

You can rely on us. That's why we are making our free 5-page guide available to you. In the guide you will learn how to use Covid-19 correctly and what you should be aware of when dealing with your team. In addition, the guide contains the chart "This is the time" by Patrick Lencioni, 7 tips for leaders and founders as well as a collection of information on legal know-how, employment law issues, news tickers and motivation boosters.

Download your guide:

Guide Covid-19

We know that your topics do not know working hours - neither do we. Call us 7 days a week to find individual solutions for your topics.

Take care of yourself and your family and stay healthy!
Stefan Lammers and the SLBB team



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