Consulting for leaders

Your personal growth is our most important goal. And your best investment in the future.

As a leader, you are constantly confronted with different personal and professional challenges. You need sparring partners, impulse-givers and well-meaning critics at eye level in order to meet these challenges in the best possible way and grow from them.
We at SLBB have many years of management experience ourselves and know what moves you and your company. With a great deal of empathy and openness, we help you to take the lead even in difficult and new situations.

Individual Coaching

We have a wide range of methods and in-depth knowledge of the issues that affect your company, your organization or yourself. We help you to meet your challenges in the best possible way and to be efficient in the long term. We steer the coaching process in such a way that you significantly increase your performance and thus your own satisfaction.

High Performance Leadership

As High Performance Leader you create a vision. You learn to hand over a lot of responsibility and to encourage the self-organization of your employees. By creating a high degree of clarity, you motivate your team every day. Quick failure, appreciative communication and the ability to make high-quality decisions are what make you a High Performance Leader. You enjoy challenges, over-performance and achieving your goals. With joy and the same effort you exceed all expectations. It's time to find the High Performance leader in you.

High Performance Coaching Program

Increase your effectiveness in the company - by implementing the knowledge acquired in the training in the concrete everyday management. Because only a leader who knows about himself can positively influence the organization and lead others to peak performance. We support you in self-reflection through selected personality diagnostics.

Executive Sparring

As a decision-maker, you are constantly confronted with new personal and professional challenges. The right professional support will enable you to continuously develop your potential while meeting your own high performance standards. Due to your complex tasks, however, the usual coaching offers are out of the question for you. Because of his background, Stefan Lammers is very familiar with the responsibility and variety of challenges in top management positions. Thus, he accompanies you not only with empathy and an alert mind, but also with many years of experience and knowledge of the issues, including taboos, that move you and your company.

Learn more about Stefan Lammers and his services:

Website Stefan Lammers

Mindset 4.0

Align your compass - in a complex and dynamic world Learn to make decisions courageously and quickly and to achieve effectiveness in your actions. Find your personal answer to questions like "What attitude is required in the digital age?" and redesign your role as a leader.

Hogan Leadership Coaching

With our in-depth personality diagnosis and a subsequent feedback session, you will create a sustainable development and guidance.


Virtual collaboration

At the beginning, virtual collaboration needs the courage to try new things and to make mistakes. Support, communication and a high degree of trust are essential. We have been working successfully in online support for years and have had consistently positive experiences.

With our virtual consulting platform we specialize more in online support and virtual sparring of executives and teams.
It is a particularly important concern for us to offer you a platform that is aligned with the strict German security standards and DSGVO guidelines.
We offer you a private, data-secured virtual space. Our virtual consulting platform combines the communication forms of a common online tool with formats individually tailored to your process. These are explicitly designed for our services, such as executive coaching, conflict management, retrospective, agile working or team development.

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