High performance

What is High performance

For most people, high performance implies a lot of effort, a lot of time, a lot of stress.
But it means exactly the opposite. As a High Performance Leader and as a High Performance Team you exceed expectations - with the same effort.
High performance means taking pleasure in seeking challenges that will help you develop. You use dissent constructively and confidently, above-average interpersonal communication and existing team resources.
In our understanding, high performance is characterized by the following features: Work autonomy, a direct and constructive FeedForward culture and a solution-oriented and respectful handling of conflicts.
High performance rewards everyone with fun and permanent success at work.


We at SLBB are very pleased that our energy and passion for highly qualified and sustainable executive coaching pays off repeatedly.

»The awards show our perception and recognition in the market. We owe the 2019 award to the successful cooperation with our clients, who were available for the extensive evaluation. We are also pleased about the many feedback from our clients. At this point we would like to thank all of them for their trust in our cooperation! We ensure our high quality through the exchange within the network, investment in top international training and the evaluation of our measures. The awards are an incentive for the entire SLBB consulting team to continue learning and growing for you«.

Stefan Lammers was awarded as "Top Business Coach - with the best process evaluation 2019" and as "Top Coach of the Year 2016" for management and team development.

About the 2019 award: XING Coaches + Trainer has named Stefan Lammers "Top Business Coach 2019"! The scientific selection process is based on the opinions of customers: Awards were given to the business coaches whose coaching process best met the assessment criteria of a successful coaching. The process was scientifically supervised by the University of Salzburg, Germany and the Institute for Business Psychological Research and Consulting in Osnabrück, Germany.

About the 2016 award: Together with FOCUS Network and the independent market research company Statista, Xing searched for Germany's top coaches of 2016. In addition to the award as Top Coach of the Year, Stefan Lammers' outstanding competence as one of the leading experts in the categories executive coaching and team development coaching was also highlighted!



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