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Interview with Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse

Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse (30 January 1955 – 1 June 2015) was interviewed by the DBVC (German Federal Association of Executive Coaching) about the future of leadership – the future of business coaching. At the beginning of 2014 and on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the DBVC jointly launched the »Coaching 2024« project together with nextpractice GmbH. The project will provide the basis for future orientation of industry professionalization.

The findings of the »good leadership« project, which was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and carried out by nextpractice GmbH, forecast the following developments across all industries and companies, regardless of their size

  • a fundamental shift in leadership practices and philosophy

  • in these times of change executives prefer »coaching« as a source of support to other personnel development instruments


Interview mit Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse