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What we stand for

We know you can outgrow yourself! We give you more time for the things you really care about. We concentrate on your underlying issues and focus on your values. We support you in exploring new paths and opening up new perspectives. This increases your productivity and your key data - but most of all, it's a lot of fun!

We transform companies in the course of new challenges, develop high performance teams and executives and connect the old and the new working world - with SLBB healthy growth is achieved.

How we do it? Through our strong know-how and our structured, proven SLBB success model. Our approach is characterized by the combination of competence, experience, emotionality and clarity. And we have been doing so with great success for more than 15 years now.

Why children inspire us

Children are a mental help to us in our work. They are boundless and unpolished and not like many adults, adapted to society and organizations.

We use the unvarnished mouth of children to comment on the world and situations. This can be quite unusual and sometimes even hurt. Often, however, it is precisely this openness that is the decisive impulse to take a new line of thought. This "Baby Step" is then the crucial step towards the desired change.

Why we are different

We like co-creative consulting. That means to do the unusual or to leave well-trodden paths.
We are consultants who work with what is available to turn it into high performance. Together with you, we develop suitable approaches for your change process and support you during the implementation. You are both involved and responsible at all times.

Our approach is characterized by a balance of constructive dissent, harmony, enthusiasm, clarity and consistency. This is not always easy, but it is efficient and successful in the long term. A large number of our customers are happy to confirm this (read our customer testimonials here).



»Proud of my 'Hermes' team! Together with my colleagues of the Euler Hermes DACH Board and 99% of our colleagues, we moved to homeoffice. I admit I was pretty anxious whether we would manage to keep everything together and live up to our service ambition towards our clients and partners in Germany and all over the world. And oh yes, there were hurdles to be overcome - everyday. I do not think we would have made it, had it not been for the fantastic spirit, customer obsession and 'can do' attitude of my 350 ECA colleagues. We have built a foundation of 'high-performance teams' in the last 2 years, inspired by Patrick Lencioni and support by SLBB - Stefan Lammers Business Building (txs Stefan!). We build upon a foundation of mutual trust, empowered people, open and passionate debate and mutual support in reaching our OKR team targets.«

Edna Schöne
Managing board, Euler Hermes


»The necessary trust was quickly developed due to Mr. Lammers unquestionable management experience. He is a pleasant communication partner who relates well on the management level, and he focused completely on my personal situation and needs.«

International Insurance Company


»Mr. Lammers and Mrs. Löwe were extremely attentive and comprehensive right from the beginning of our projects and showed flexibility and creativity to propose suggestions, methodologies and different activities to achieve our targets. In both workshops I experienced with them, we achieved our expected results!«

Juliana Bremer
HR, Chemical Company

We are the experts for executive coaching, offsites, high-performance teams and organizations.


Three simple reasons

  1. we combine passion and professionalism. Our many years of management experience as well as our emotionality and empathy make us the right partner for you.
  2. as a sparring partner, impulse generator and well-meaning critic, we are at your side on your development path. We have countless methods and products at our disposal and a deep knowledge of the issues that move your company, your organization or yourself.
  3. we encourage you to meet your challenges in the best possible way and to be efficient in the long term. We steer the consulting process in such a way that you significantly increase your performance and thus your own satisfaction.

Do not hesitate - we are looking forward to get in contact with you.

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»Stefan Lammers convinces both methodically and personally. He combines his knowledge and his intuition. With the help of his clear and direct manner, he sets impulses that are needed to find the right path in today's complex economic environment.«
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reitmeyer

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