Consulting for Start-ups

Pioneers Candy: More clarity and success for start-up teams

One of our key practice area is the consulting of founders and start-ups. With "Pioneers Candy" we have therefore created a service package tailored to the needs of young teams of entrepreneurs.

As "Pioneers", founders have managed to build up a business according to their own ideas - and have already achieved a lot. However, in the subsequent phases of growth, start-ups or grow-ups are particularly susceptible to management errors.

Challenges can become stumbling blocks.
The growing company demands different structures and forms, the demands of the employees increase, which is a real challenge for founders and entrepreneurial teams. The market, competitors or stakeholders often overtake the previous company vision. New ideas have emerged and are not yet anchored. In addition, some differences of opinion often lead close to the edge of failure - in the USA, problems in the founding team are responsible for the failure of a start-up in 23 percent of cases. In order to safely avoid all these pitfalls, leadership qualities are required that are often not yet present in young companies.

Taking new leadership skills to the next level.
Pioneers Candy is coaching, sparring and mentoring for high performance leadership teams. With a professional view from the outside, SLBB supports start-ups with Pioneers Candy in determining their position and orientation. New clarity is created, and upcoming growth and maturation steps of a company can be initiated and implemented. The result: the management team achieves a new level of performance, the entire company benefits from sustainable growth and success.

More information about the content of Pioneers Candy can be found here:

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Virtual collaboration

At the beginning, virtual collaboration needs the courage to try new things and to make mistakes. Support, communication and a high degree of trust are essential. We have been working successfully in online support for years and have had consistently positive experiences.

With our virtual consulting platform we specialize more in online support and virtual sparring of executives and teams.
It is a particularly important concern for us to offer you a platform that is aligned with the strict German security standards and DSGVO guidelines.
We offer you a private, data-secured virtual space. Our virtual consulting platform combines the communication forms of a common online tool with formats individually tailored to your process. These are explicitly designed for our services, such as executive coaching, conflict management, retrospective, agile working or team development.

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