» Your future lies in  
your own hands «



You have to be able to successfully manage yourself in order to manage others. We believe that everybody has the right to self-determination. Consequently, people have the right to and responsibility for their own development because this is the only way they will succeed in fully exploiting their own potential.

Today, executives help their employees to increase their self-determination and autonomy. They share their knowledge and power with employees and offer support that enables them to manage themselves. This enhances job performance and the ability to innovate and, at the same time, fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to development.

Within our own company and when working with our clients, we at Stefan Lammers Business Building always stand for authenticity, social competence and presence. Acting responsibly is the only way we can guarantee long-term success for all people involved.


What you can expect from us

We have long-standing experience at top-management level and have actively advised our clients for many years. We are honest with our clients, sometimes sometimes brutally so. While respecting each individual, we stand by our opinion. We do not intervene with processes and dynamics if it is not necessary, but we do take the lead if required. Emotions are at least as important to us as rationality, often even more important. We are your partner; our strengths are discretion, prudence and transparency.


Areas in which we support top managers

We have been working with top managers from diverse fields and different nationalities for nearly 15 years. We help them to reach new executive positions, solve current problems and support them with their reflection and personal growth. We are their sparring partner, coach, consultant, facilitator and sometimes mediator. We can be relied on to give courageous, candid feedback which helps our clients to make the right decisions. Team building and achieving the right balance within management teams are among our core competencies. This can involve reducing the tensions in teams that are in a crisis and restoring their efficiency, on the one hand, or transforming average teams into high-performance teams, on the other hand. Our multiple workshops, offsites and conferences are designed so that participants are guaranteed to take home an aha! moment at the end of the day.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reitmeyer, chairman of the board, comdirect bank AG recommends Stefan Lammers Business Building

» I got to know and came to appreciate Stefan Lammers in different roles. I was convinced by his expertise in methods and his personal skills at all times. What distinguishes him from others is that he combines his knowledge and intuition and then, communicating clearly and directly, provides the necessary impetus to set the course in today‚Äôs complex economic environment.

At the end, the quality of the results is exactly what I expect from myself and my consultant in order to experience development and growth. «

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reitmeyer
former CEO
comdirect bank AG

What we expect from our clients

We expect openness and honesty from you, too. Please contact us if you genuinely want to change something. In addition, please give us clear feedback which we need to develop ourselves. You should take the step towards working with us voluntarily. And after having done so, you will be expected to act with courage and confidence.

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