» The art of creating a space where rational issues combined with emotions
   generate findings with essential personal and business impact «

Facilitation, offsites & workshops

Achieving results

We are your partner for facilitating workshops, strategy meetings and offsites, for solving conflicts and crises, and for dealing with difficult relationships with customers and suppliers.

As professional and neutral facilitators, we are experienced in raising inspiring issues to stimulate our participants. Our work results in the development of new perspectives and the identification of similarities and differences. Moreover, hidden, underlying issues are rapidly detected. We make sure that the group achieves its goal within the agreed time and accepts all further clearly defined measures.

Our goal is to motivate and to initiate the development of group members. We ensure that all group members participate actively and take a position on challenging, in some cases provocative, questions. They are given the space they need to share their ideas and views, and discuss them controversially. The enthusiastic involvement of participants leads to new, modified and enhanced solutions and processes that were not apparent beforehand.

We steer the group dynamics so that all participants leave the event with a higher degree of mutual understanding, absolute commitment and, as a result, the ability to deliver an improved performance.

We are your partner in moderating workshops, offsites and conflict solving | Stefan Lammers Business Building