» We connect knowledge
   with experience and emotions «


Where and from whom we learnt

  • By interacting with many people from diverse backgrounds and with different specialisations, with and from whom we have had the opportunity to learn. People who were prepared to share their experience and knowledge with us and to listen to us.

  • Within many other organizations and, first and foremost, as a result of a broad range of circumstances that cannot be listed in detail here, but play an important role in our work.


What and who inspired us

Angeles Arrien, Rudi Ballreich, Adam M. Brandenburger, H. Brinkmann, Jim Collins, Susanne Cook, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Victor E. Frankl, Stephen Gilligan, Fritz Glasl, Marshall Goldsmith, Arina Isaacson, Wolfgang Jenewein, John Kabatt-Zinn, Jon R. Katzenbach, Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, John P. Kotter, Wolfgang Merz, Alexander Lowen, Barry J. Nalebuff, Arnold Retzer, Mark Rittenberg, Gesche Michael Roach, M. Saborowski, Max Schupbach, Thies Stahl, Stephen Victor


The Proschwitz circle

A daily meeting with varying responsibilities. This means that one person is responsible for structuring and implementing the next day’s tasks or one person is responsible for one task. The duration is 15 minutes maximum. The Proschwitz circle was first formed at the Proschwitz Winery in the district of Meißen in 2012, inspired by UC Berkeley.

If you are currently participating in one of our workshops, we hope you’ll enjoy preparing for your colleagues this evening.

Dr. Mark Rittenberg, Faculty Director, UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

» Stefan is a well-known German consultant and executive coach. He is a graduate of the UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute. The faculty found him to be an outstanding executive coach. «

Dr. Mark Rittenberg
Faculty Director
UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute