Stefan Lammers has received the Top Coach of the Year 2016 award. In addition to being one of Germany's best coaches, he has received separate awards for his activities in the executive coaching and team-building coaching categories. FOCUS Network, the independent market research agency Statista and Xing Germany have selected the top coaches of the year.

At SLBB, we are delighted that the energy and passion we put into providing highly qualified and sustainable executive coaching have paid off. Stefan Lammers: »Our impressive results in the survey and great ranking in Leadership-Coaching and Teamdevelopment-Coaching reflect our reputation on the market and how positively we are perceived. However, it is much more important to us that our clients regularly report back their success. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for placing their trust in our collaboration. Exchanges within our network, investment in top international training programmes and the evaluation of our services enable us to ensure high quality. This award serves as an incentive for the entire SLBB team of consultants and me personally to continue learning and growing.«

Top Coach 2016 – Deutschlands beste Coaches im Vergleich


We are different

We like creative consulting. That means we like doing unusual things and leaving the beaten track to break new ground.

As consultants, we work with the available resources in order to achieve high performance. We jointly develop the right architecture for your organisation with you and support you with its implementation. You are involved throughout this process and take responsibility for it. Our approach is characterised by a balance between constructive, open dissent and harmony, enthusiasm, clarity and consistency. It can sometimes be tough, but it is fast and effective – as many of our clients have confirmed.

Children are a major source of inspiration for our work. They know no boundaries and are unpolished, not yet adapted to society and organisations like most people. When commenting on the world and situations, we do it like children – we are outspoken and direct. People are sometimes not used to this and it can hurt. Often, however, this perspective is exactly what it takes to provide the decisive stimulus needed to open up new avenues of reflection. This »baby step« is the crucial leap forward which is necessary to bring about the desired change.

15 Jahre SLBB – Für den erfolg unserer Kunden



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Successful for our clients for 15 years

In 2001, I founded the individually owned company Stefan Lammers Business Building. Since then, I have advised and coached top managers and top-performance teams, have shaped organisations and facilitated countless events.

The number of orders has grown considerably over the years, and the projects have become more and more complex and international. As a result, a growing number of colleagues have joined me on board in order to successfully carry out the projects. This collaboration is a lot of fun, very efficient and profitable for all involved.

In 2013, I started reflecting on how you could benefit even more from this collaboration in the future: the outcome is the consultancy Stefan Lammers Business Building. Pooling the experience of a strong team of consultants, we can now manage even more complex and heterogeneous projects and meet your requirements. We look forward to future projects with you.


"From I to We" – Coaching, Coach, Executive Coaching | Stefan Lammers Business Building "From I to We" – Leadership coaching, management of change, certified coach | Stefan Lammers Business Building




Stefan Lammers Business Building, integration support for national and internationa companies

We operate internationally, with a main focus on Europe and Asia. Today Asia is one of the drivers of growth of the global economy.

Take advantage of our extensive international experience and expertise, and we will surpass all your expectations. Stefan Lammers is the only European who has been trained as an REN coach in China. We help you to identify fields of development in the areas of management, leadership qualities and organizational development. We prepare executives for new challenges and help make your international business transparent, enabling you to steer it more effectively. Our expertise encompasses working with international teams and organizing workshops and conferences.