» Stretching time and drawing on complexity
   to make the right decisions «


The performance and innovative capacity of an organisation depends more and more on top leadership qualities, the right decisions and constantly being prepared to change. However, an increasing number of executives no longer want to participate in development and change management. As a result, organisational consulting is outsourced to external consultants. This reverse trend greatly compromises the performance of organisations – potential is destroyed before it can even develop.

There are no certain methods for supporting the decision-making behaviour of executives. They have to strike a balance between entrepreneurial considerations and organisational effectiveness. On the one hand, decisions provide clarity but, on the other hand, they create a vacuum, which in turn is characterised by the search for subsequent decisions and their implementation. In this process, there is rarely scope for self-reflection.

The following quote is from the Viennese psychologist Viktor Frankl: »Between stimulus and response, there is a space. Our power to choose our response is located within that space. Our growth and our freedom lie in our response.«

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Our innovative approach for executives gives this essential space back to you and supports you with your strategic decisions regarding corporate policy and resources. We offer our support to you in challenging, complex or crisis situations. We help you to extend the space between stimulus and response. We accompany you as decision-makers throughout the decision-making process – from analysis, planning and realization through to the conclusion.

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