» Our passion is to make people,
   teams and organisations successful «


Do you want to develop yourself, your team, your company? Are you prepared to be open-minded and honest with us and enter into a collaboration grounded in mutual trust? Do you have the courage to break new ground in order to tap your full potential? Then we are your consultant, your coach, your facilitator and will work with you and your team as equals to find the right solutions.


We know what makes leadership development successful

1. Overview of the context

Context is an important element of successful leadership. A brilliant leader in one situation is not necessarily a good leader in another. Various studies and our own experience have shown this.

2. A close link to the day-to-day working world

Even after a very intensive training programme, adults generally only remember 10 % of what they heard during lectures. In contrast, they remember nearly two-thirds of what they learn by doing. We link the learning process to the reality of the working world in order to make our programes as relevant as possible and to motivate participants to put what they have learnt into practice.

3. Consideration of mindset

A successful executive must be able to manage himself. However, although companies know how important self-management is, it is an aspect that is often neglected. We consider it to be the key to long-term success. We know that it is not always pleasant for the participants and senior management to reflect on themselves in a group, but it is necessary in order to achieve a breakthrough.

4. Measurability and effectiveness

Frequently, companies pay lip service to the importance of developing leadership abilities, but do not carry out an assessment of the value of their investment in training. It is therefore absolutely essential that agreements are observed. This gives rise to uniform standards, which in turn guarantee success and enable us to learn from our mistakes.

» It is said that
the more powerful you are,
the freer you are.
But the opposite is true. «

Dieter Zetsche
Chief Executive
Daimler AG

Source: SZ Magazin