» Flow in your team and company – experience top performance «


Are you dissatisfied with the current performance of your team and do you want to know what is blocking their performance and fun? Then take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and diverse repertoire of materials and tools. We can accompany you on your path towards becoming a high-performance team.

But what exactly is a high-performance team? What are its characteristics?

A high-performance team is more than just an efficient working group; it is – above all – characterised by the synergetic use of existing team resources and above-average interpersonal communication skills. Autonomy at work, a direct and constructive feedback culture and handling conflicts in a solution-oriented and respectful manner are the basic requirements for developing high-performance teams. Establishing an atmosphere shaped by "co-opetition" is crucial – in other words, the interplay between internal competition and mutual social support. On the basis of this concept, which comes from game theory, not only the team as a whole becomes more efficient, but every single team member enhances his or her existing potential und personal performance.

How will you benefit from this very exciting – yet sometimes challenging – journey to becoming a high-performance team?

It’s quite simple. You and your team will be rewarded with fun as well as maximum and permanent success in your jobs.

We develop highly productive workgroups with synergetic use of team resources for permanent success based on co-opetition | Stefan Lammers Business Building