Consulting for teams

High Performance Team

Are you dissatisfied with your team's current performance and wondering why the performance and fun blockade is happening? Let us accompany you - on your way to becoming a high-performance team.

A high-performance team is physically and emotionally healthy.
It consciously admits to complementary differences - background, experience, education, opinion, competence etc. - and is able to use these differences profitably so that tasks and projects succeed in the best possible and easy way.
It uses dissent constructively and confidently. The team lives a shared vision that improves the environment and the company.
A high performance team creates a pull effect for each individual and the company because it is able to develop strategy, set operational benchmarks, exceed expectations - in short, constantly improving itself, without putting excessive pressure on itself, simply through a better work culture.
Members of such a team have a high sense of responsibility for themselves and for the other team members. Each individual can only be successful if his or her own and the team's goals are achieved.

We make crisis teams efficient again and let everyone use their resources optimally to strengthen the team. We enable clear and open communication that gets to the point.
With the help of our in-depth knowledge and various proven tools, we promote work autonomy, a direct and constructive feedback culture and a solution-oriented approach to conflicts in your team.

You and your team will be rewarded with fun and maximum and permanent success at work.

Recruiting Personality-Check

Whoever joins your team must be a leader and have skills that are a perfect fit for you and your company.
What this means is often difficult to see. But it is important to know that homogeneity does not create an efficient team.
We support you with a professional view from the outside and provide clarity about potential leaders in advance. With the help of our in-depth personality diagnostics, we are able to provide a meaningful description of your applicant's personality and mindset. We combine the advantages of a digital tool with the empathy and experience of us as people and consultants. This gives you a basis for decision-making that goes far beyond professional qualifications and sympathy.


Virtual collaboration

At the beginning, virtual collaboration needs the courage to try new things and to make mistakes. Support, communication and a high degree of trust are essential. We have been working successfully in online support for years and have had consistently positive experiences.

With our virtual consulting platform we specialize more in online support and virtual sparring of executives and teams.
It is a particularly important concern for us to offer you a platform that is aligned with the strict German security standards and DSGVO guidelines.
We offer you a private, data-secured virtual space. Our virtual consulting platform combines the communication forms of a common online tool with formats individually tailored to your process. These are explicitly designed for our services, such as executive coaching, conflict management, retrospective, agile working or team development.

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