How I became we

When I started my business as a freelance coach and consultant 15 years ago, my goal was to work alone. From the very beginning, I focused on helping top managers and high-performance teams to achieve success, and this has remained my focus today. I coach and advise you – because it is my passion.

My number of assignments has risen continuously since I first set up the consultancy and is still growing today, also including international projects. At the same time, the requirements have become more and more complex, which has had a great side-effect – the creation of an experienced team pursuing the same goals. The outcome is »we«. »We« are experienced consultants, coaches, facilitators and trainers from the same and complementary fields. Our objective is to make you, your team and your organization successful in the long run.

For you, the »we« means that Stefan Lammers Business Building offers a lot more than my expertise. You can also benefit from the competence and services of my colleagues and employees. The SLBB team has several things in common: we enjoy our work and are passionate about it, we collaborate in a reliable and highly professional manner and we have extensive international experience, in particular in Europe and Asia.

One thing has not changed: we perform creative consulting
When providing consultancy, we will carry on doing unusual things and continue to leave the beaten track and break new ground:

Facilitation, Offsites, Workshops

»The art of creating a space where issues can be discussed so that they have an impact afterwards«

Executive coaching

»Enabling you to maximise your influence«

Executive consulting

»Stretching time and drawing on complexity to make the right decisions«

Special: High-performance teams

»Co-opetition: competing and supporting each other to be the best. At all times«

Alongside the services traditionally provided by Stefan Lammers Business Building, you can look forward to some exciting new products in the future. They have been developed based on our long-standing cooperation with you and will continue to be developed.

We have also changed: our website!
We have given it a new coat of paint and look and designed the site so that you can find the information you are looking for more rapidly. The new pictures at the website are of children making their never-ending dreams come true – an inspiration to us as coaches and consultants and you as our clients. Children are unsparing, blunt and outspoken. And that is very often crucial when pursuing a new line of thought and making a change.

To find out about the members of the new SLBB team, you can read and see their personal portraits at our company website. Each colleague briefly presents his main areas of activity and methods. If you want to know more details about us and our extensive network of colleagues, please get in touch to make a personal appointment.

We would be happy to keep you informed next year, as in the past, about important information, events, and publications with our management letter!

Please send us your current contact details so that we can contact you at the right address in the future.

»We« are looking forward to meeting you soon.

Stefan Lammers & Team