Facilitation, offsites & workshops

Achieve results

We are your partner in the moderation of workshops, strategy meetings, offsites, conflict and crisis clarifications and in case of difficulties in the customer/supplier relationship.
As professional and neutral facilitators, we are experienced in bringing in stimulating accents that stimulate the participants. As a result of our work, new perspectives are developed, and similarities and differences are identified. Furthermore, hidden and subliminal issues are quickly identified. We make sure that the group reaches its goal within the agreed time and that it accepts further clearly defined measures.

Our goal is to motivate and initiate the development of the group members. We activate all participants to get involved and take a stand on challenging, sometimes provocative questions. You will be given the necessary space to share your ideas and views with the group and to discuss them even controversially. Through the committed participation of the participants, new, changed and better solutions and processes are created, which were previously not openly in view.

We manage group dynamics in such a way that all participants complete the event with a higher level of mutual understanding, clear commitment and improved performance.


Virtual collaboration

At the beginning, virtual collaboration needs the courage to try new things and to make mistakes. Support, communication and a high degree of trust are essential. We have been working successfully in online support for years and have had consistently positive experiences.

With our virtual consulting platform we specialize more in online support and virtual sparring of executives and teams.
It is a particularly important concern for us to offer you a platform that is aligned with the strict German security standards and DSGVO guidelines.
We offer you a private, data-secured virtual space. Our virtual consulting platform combines the communication forms of a common online tool with formats individually tailored to your process. These are explicitly designed for our services, such as executive coaching, conflict management, retrospective, agile working or team development.

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