Consulting for Organizations

A successful change, culture change or transformation is a matter for the boss.

Holistic solution of challenges for personal maturation and organizational growth.

Today, the performance and innovative power of an organization is increasingly dependent on top leadership qualities, the right decisions and the constant readiness for change. However, executives are increasingly overburdened with development and change management, which is why organizations are outsourcing these issues to external consultants. This opposing trend is disrupting corporate performance enormously and potential is destroyed before it is realized.

There are no procedures with any claim to certainty for the decision-making behaviour of executives; they are caught between business considerations and organizational effectiveness. Decisions create clarity on the one hand, but also an undecided space, which in turn is characterized by finding follow-up decisions and implementation activities. Important space for self-reflection is often lost or not noticed at all.

The quote from the Viennese psychologist Viktor Frankl is: "Between stimulus and reaction lies a space. In this space lies our power to choose our reaction. In our reaction lies our development and our freedom."

Our innovative executive approach gives you back this essential space and supports you in strategic decisions in the form of directional and resource decisions. We support you in challenging, complex and crisis situations. We help you to stretch the space between stimulus and reaction. We accompany you as decision-makers from the decision-making process, through analysis, planning and implementation, to the conscious conclusion. We help you to deal constructively with change and growth and to communicate them within the company in such a way that they are openly and gladly accepted.


Virtual collaboration

At the beginning, virtual collaboration needs the courage to try new things and to make mistakes. Support, communication and a high degree of trust are essential. We have been working successfully in online support for years and have had consistently positive experiences.

With our virtual consulting platform we specialize more in online support and virtual sparring of executives and teams.
It is a particularly important concern for us to offer you a platform that is aligned with the strict German security standards and DSGVO guidelines.
We offer you a private, data-secured virtual space. Our virtual consulting platform combines the communication forms of a common online tool with formats individually tailored to your process. These are explicitly designed for our services, such as executive coaching, conflict management, retrospective, agile working or team development.

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