» My personality – combined with extensive
   top-management experience – will guarantee your success «

Stefan Lammers

Interview with Stefan Lammers

»Mr Lammers, why do top managers like working with you?«

»Thanks to my own experience as an executive, I have a very good understanding of management. So I very rapidly get a feel for the situation. I am a sparring partner and an equal for my clients. They frequently tell me that I get to the point quickly and very clearly. It is also very important for top managers that consulting is primarily focused on their business, although personal aspects can play an important role, too.«

»What basic prerequisites enable you and your customers to collaborate effectively?«

»We have to have a trust-based, stable and open relationship. Generally, I only take on an assignment if I am convinced that I can guarantee success. If I don't believe this is the case, it is my policy to openly inform the client. It is also important that the client immediately informs me if his or her goals have changed. Once we have agreed upon ground rules, they have to be upheld by both sides. In addition, the client has to be prepared to communicate openly with his colleagues and any other parties involved. And of course he or she needs to have the courage to analyse and reflect on himself.«

»How do you define your role as consultant, coach and facilitator and your role in your company SLBB Stefan Lammers Business Building?«

»As a consultant, I draw on my expertise in order to develop strategies and recommendations and to put these into practice in the company.

As a facilitator, I adopt a neutral position and set the ball rolling within the group by provoking, confronting and conciliating them. In this way, it is possible to clarify roles and conflicts and to set communication in motion.

As a coach, I am a neutral sparring partner or expert who does not evaluate, but guides the person I am coaching on his or her path towards self-awareness and growth. That means that I help the person to find his or own solutions for the situation at hand.

As company owner of SLBB, firstly I am responsible for matching the clients and projects with the most suitable colleagues or employees. In addition, it is my task to help my employees to be successful.«

»What are your personal strengths?«

»I grasp things quickly, have a high degree of empathy, which means that I can quickly and meaningfully structure my thoughts and emotions. My clients trust me very rapidly and are able to engage with me within a short space of time. I experience moments of wonder and suprise again and again as we often achieve outcomes that seemed impossible beforehand.«

»How do you define success?«

»Success means recognising one's own potential and tapping it fully. A person has to know enough about himself and be able to regulate himself or herself to lead others successfully. Success means that my consulting has enabled my clients to make the right descisions at the right time.«

»When is cooperation successful from your point of view?«

»Cooperation has to pursue clear goals from the very beginning, and these goals have to be achieved by the end of the project. For me it is also particulary important that the outcome is sustainable. When my clients have internalised and embraced everything that they have learnt during our cooperation and they automatically act accordingly, the cooperation has been successful. And of course the best evidence of successful collaboration is when clients recommend me to others.«

»Do you also reflect upon your own behaviour and personality?«

»Yes, of course. Myself as a person and my activities also benefit from supervision and coaching. I invest around 15 days annually in my personal education and certification and also benefit from exchanging ideas with colleagues. Furthermore all of our measures are evaluated so that we can optimise them. This helps me to continue developing myself, my colleagues and employees on an ongoing basis.«

»Why have you decided to expand your team?«

»I aspire to help people reach the top and have been consulting and coaching top managers and high-performance teams for 15 years. I facilitate countless events and always strive to make people and teams successful with Stefan Lammers Business Building. With time, the projects and tasks have become a lot more complex. Furthermore, because major companies operate internationally, I am required to be more mobile. However, I don't want my local clients to suffer from this. So I have made the decision to bring colleagues into my team, enabling me to be here for YOU at all times. I have turned "I" into "WE" so that YOU, as our client, can benefit even more in the future. I have already worked with my new colleagues extensively in the past. Working together is a lot of fun, very efficient and beneficial, in particular for YOU. Because your success is both the reason and the outcome of our efforts.«

Stefan Lammers, certified executive coach, REN coach

Member of...

Education and certification

2012 – 2013
Executive Coach Certificate
University of California, Executive Coaching Institute, Berkeley

High Impact Leadership
University of California, Haas School of Business, Berkeley

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate
Academy for Executive Coaching, London

Masterclass Executive Coaching
University for Applied Science North-Western Switzerland, Olten

Conflict Consultancy
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Arnold Retzer
Systemic Institute Heidelberg, Heidelberg

2007 – 2009
Training as Systemic Organisational Consultant
WSFB Consultancy Group, Wiesbaden

2006 – 2007
Various training programmes in improvisational theater
incl. with Prof. Keith Johnstone, Canada

Training as Sport Psychological Trainer and Coach
Wolfgang Amler, Dr. Patrick Bernatzky und Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Knörzer
Heidelberger Akademie für Gesundheitsbildung, Heidelberg

Training as Chinese REN Coach and
Advanced Intercultural Training for China

TopHuman, Shenzhen / Shanghai, China

Consultancy Training Programme
Prof. Dr. Christel Niedereichholz
Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e.V., Bonn

Training as Business Coach (IHK)
Dr. Klaus Leister
CA Coaching Akademie, Hannover / Frankfurt

Intensive Management Seminar
Academy for Executives, Bad Harzburg

1996 – 1998
NLP Practitioner and Master Training
Thies Stahl, Hamburg, and Forum für Metakommunikation, Berlin / Cyprus

Certified tools
Hogan Assessment Systems, 360° feedback system, BIP - Bochum Inventory for profession-related personality description, Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile (TMS)

A variety of other further training measures, including the following areas:
coaching, facilitation, conflict management, Roger's approach to psychotherapy dialogue, leadership, management, self-awareness, self-monitoring.